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Why I ♥ my Samsung I8510

Whenever I take my phone out amongst my friends, I am always greeted with a “What phone is this?” or with a“Are you ever going to change your phone?” Now I know, that compared to my friends’ phones (most of them have sleeker iPhones), my Samsung I8510 looks like the ugly sister from Cinderella. But ugly is okay, it doesn’t matter that my phone is slightly bulkier and the paint is kind of starting to chip off, it’s perfect for me.

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China needs Android or Android needs China?

It has been a busy week as there were 2 key mobile conferences held in Beijing last week: TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing and CSDN (Chinese Software Developer Network, the largest IT and mobile software developer community in China).

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Smart device enterprise markets

I can still recall the early years I was working for Nokia Networks when the coolest mobile phone in the markets was the Nokia 2110i. It was fantastic, beautiful and beyond comparison, I thought! During those years very few employees had the mobile phone benefit and unfortunately I was not one of those. It is amazing how much mobile industry has evolved as of that year, 1995. This evolvement applies to other industries too!

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Nokia launched the first two Mango devices

Today has been a long awaited day: Nokia FINALLY did what has been expected and launched the very first WM7 device, Lumia. The design has gotten a warm welcome from the markets, the time will show how good the sw is. WHat I've heard from N9 is that it eats the battery so fast that I can only hope Lumia doesn't do. The consumers do not want to charge their devices every day.

After reading a dozen of news about this I can clearly see that at least the journalists have a strong belief in this device! So it looks that I need to buy one too. Promise to tell you how it is once I have one.

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Android in China

I just read another set of “official” statistics from the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR), which may be appealing to you all:
 between Q1-Q3 2011, 340 new smartphone models were released on the China market, up 100% YoY;
 Smartphone market share is about 10% of the total handset market;
 Domestic smartphone production grew significantly and reached 70M units, or 22% of all new handsets;
 80% of smartphone sold in China were Android-based and 84 out of 120 smartphone manufacturers build Android smartphone versus 50 for Windows Mobile.

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The Beauty and the Beast

The title says it all: This phone was one of the very few that didn’t only look good but were also very resistant, even in my hands.

I won’t tell you how many times I managed to drop it into snow, water and hard rock street. But this device never stopped working, instead its’ loyalty towards me was amazing and I am just not able to say that from my previous devices.

Was this perfect, noooo! It didn’t have any big faults but instead quite a few minor issues, I would say. I’m mentioning some of them:

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The BIG opportunity

Before venturing into the journey of smart device opportunity in China, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about this market, some based on NetEase Tech recently released infographic.

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iSad; The icon of Apple is gone

It has been in all news today, people all over the world are sorrowing for the lost of Mr Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple success with iPods, iPads, iClouds etc. First of all, with all the respect to him (as he really was the one leading Apple to its glory), I cannot help wondering how big of a role the leader plays in this size of global battles? Isn't it the people and the power of teamwork that makes the difference?

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Revenue streams in smart devices

After following (or actually living in) the mobile industry for years I'm still not certain on where the biggest revenue streams are coming from?
Apps and add-on services are a hot topic today, no doubt. But is it really profitable to developers to innovate, implement and publish those? For sure some make millions out of their products but how many percent of the companies really make money?

I've met many interesting apps and services that were made only for mobile devices. Let me introduce three of such companies to you here:

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Absolutely interesting times ahead on the smartphone industry

It is unevitable that the competition on the number one position of the smartdevices will be a very interesting one.

Following it reminds me of watdhing the Olympic Games on swimming (my favourite sport), where all competitors have perfected every signle angle of their hands and moves so that the hands find the water in the very best position and speed. All bodies are trimmed in order to maintain the perfect posture and that way minimize the water resistance. It is the mixture of art and science!