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How much angrier can a bird be?

I spent a fabulous weekend at our summer cottage mainly playing with the iPad and all those different games I've purchased fron iTuned. I have 7 different versions of the famous Angry Birds in it plus a few driving races and other misc games. We ended up having a contest with the Angry Birds Christmas edition and have to say that we (the four highly educated adults) were almost fighting over the iPad to have a re-try.

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Nokia marrying Microsoft...

Today it was announced, the news that were predicted weeks ago. Nokia will focus on WinMob7 and use that as their new platform for smartphones to come. While finding the news very understandable I cannot help myself being a bit disappointed too. Disappointment does not have anything to do with how good or bad of a platform Win7 is. But disappointment on the way Nokia, my dear former employer, has turned in to be: Nokia used to be an extremely bold corporation in the past. We didn't let anyone's sceptism to push us down, instead we kept the focus on our dream and work.

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Some comments on my (son's) new iPad

Just bought an iPad for a Christmas gift to my 10-year-old son. My initial feelings about this well-known 'toy' are more or less the following:

Good things about it are the

1. brilliant usability. Again Apple has proved to be worthy of all encomia it has received and will receive!
2. the rich varation of the apps in the iTunes. Just brilliant!

Each coin has two sides, so the following two things were disappointing:

1. to get it working I first needed to connect it and install the latest iTunes with my PC. Why could't it establish a connection with the 3G/WiFi itself?

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Meego, yet a big question mark to me.

Nokia has been giving several announcements lately on their brand new smartphone platform Meego. I certainly wish it proves to be the next success story of this industry. To do that is needs to fulfil at least the following expectations:

1. the SDK needs to be easy to adapt and use as well as comprehensive enough to compete with Android and iPhone SDKs,
2. the end user experience has to be something extraordinary compared to competitors' ones (3D graphics, user interaction flows etc...),
3. it needs to be very flexible and adjustable to fit into multiple device segments,

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How to make life easier?

Tomorrow will be the deadline for one public RFO-contest into which one have to file the paper version offer to participate. Typical for me, I got to finalize our offer in today at 11:45 am. So I ended having two options: 1. drive the envelope to this public entity by myself, this would mean driving over 300 km in a very slippery conditions (we got the snow today here in Southern FInland). Option number 2. I take the fat letter to a post office and hope they have á Superexpress service availale.

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Qt or not Qt?

I cannot help wondering the future of Qt; whether it will be the saviour of the smartphone application developers or just another sad story introduced by Nokia? From quality perspective I've only heard positive thoughts about the Qt, the code is told to be one of the purest codes in the industry, BUT is that enough? Even the most bugfree implementation does not make a change if it doesn't find its way to the developer cluster. I haven't yet seen the developers really seriously taken QT into use and making money out of it.

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N8 soon available

Finally my long awaiting will end as Nokia's N8 is to be in shops. I can hardly wait to discover its features on my own time and in peace. For now all news I've heard are very promising and positive, especially all seem to be very impressed about its HDMI. The price is also without doubt very attractive. The only remaining concern seems to be the lack of services, but isn't it so that if the people become favourable to N8 more and more services will follow.

I have already made up my mind and want to be one of the first ones to purchase this device for myself.

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Smartphone trend is up

According to the GigaOM Pro Research Report each smartphone platform has increased its sales in year 2009 for the previous year (2008) except Win Mob (still sold more on year 2009 than on year 2007) and Linux. It is clear that the competition is tough and anything can happen to the order or top three (Symbian, Android and iPhone), It will be very interesting to see which one of these fabulous platforms will payoff this race eventually.

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I got to attend an interesting lecture today. It was given by a professor of sales in Helsinki School of Economics. What made it interesting was not only the speaker's ability to present topic in inspiring way but also the term he introduced. The tern was eSales. According to this professor the sales activities will move towards Internet in the upcoming years. I was really glad to notice that the academic world is seeing the same future with Sfonge people.

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Future of eLearnings

There's been a lot of speculations around eLearnings and their failure/success in the future. Most of the articels I've read are favourable to them but yet there are people who are very sceptic about their future.

The current economical recession in many companies/regions combined with the awareness of companies' carbon footprint and other environmental issues make me think positive about eLearnings' future.

But will there be people, who want to attend trainings physically regardless of the carbon dioxide emission caused by travelling? I think there will.