How to unlock a true innovation?

Saila Laitinen's picture

Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with my dear old friend, who also has some background in the telcom industry however nowadays she works in another sector. We were thinking of the current application portfolio per today and whether there is still room for new fance brands or have the consumers basically seen it all by now. Of cource no-one can say which on is true, but we discovered at least one thing: There would be lots of possibilities for apps and services that were 'cross-innovated' by two or more companies. For example would it benefit both, if Rovio collaborated with the Sportstracker and the together would introduce the following service to the consumers: once a (pre-)teenager does a few hours of exercise (like football, floorball...) he/she would get a new fancy and powerful bird unlocked in his angry birds game. This way the parents could make their children find motivation to eercise instead of just playing video- or mobilegames. I bet there is plenty of opportunities for this kind of innovation if people just kept their eyes open. 
How could such entities discover each other and that way increase the value of their own products/services? I think the discovery won't be much of an issue if the parties have the will to collaborate.