Mobile market is hungry for disruption!

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I am a huge fan of openess! I've been fortuned to grow up in country where the most widely used open source technologies have been kick-started. I was also brought up to respect individual privacy.
This said, I am happy to see that the mobile market has come into point where a 3rd purely open source platform would be warmly welcome. People, companies and governments are getting really worried about Google mandating the most valuable asset, people's data. I cannot claim I'm not scared of that too! It just doesn't feel right that one company knows basically everything about me, where I am, what I do, whome I meet...etc.
We've heard a few talks about this topic: Jolla has came out strongly over the past months and people are waiting for some news about Tizen.
But I suspect that won't be enough. What we also need and should demand is everything around this new 5th generation mobile platform to introduce openess in the decision maiking too. People should have power to say how it should be developed and what it should include. 
What SFonge has decided to do is to open up an "open brainstorming session" which will be introduced in the near future! So stay tuned!


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Hi Guys,

I would like to add a couple of observations to this point:

- Although we all know that we have a "big brother is watching you syndrome" no-one is really that much scared of Google - Why?
- Platforms are great - but in my experience, they only start to create momentum with good hardware support and with enough volume in hardware - What is the best way to get that?
- Platforms enable things. In order for a new platform to thrive there got to be things you cannot do with other platforms - What are the key things you can do with the new platforms that change the market?

In other words: Yeah the market is hungry for disruption - what will be the new food?

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Hi , 
Happy to see you joining our community and even happier to see you commenting our posts! I believe you are absolutely right with the HW. It plays a fundamental part of any successfull connected device, but so does the SW. So they go hand-in-hand, right?
What I do not buy, is that people wouldn't be scared of Google. I think the awareness of loosing our privacy and seeing that as a risk is really there.
And last but not least for figuring out the food, we need more people like you. People who have their opinions and are willig to share them. So once again: Thanks for joing us!

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It would appear that the new year will see three new open-source contenders (in no particular order): a) Jolla with Sailfish, b) Mozilla / Telefonica with Mozilla OS, and c) Samsung / Intel with Tizen.

a) Jolla seems to make excellent progress on the PR-front. While they have not announced any details regarding the hardware, they seem to have the best of the old Nokia MeeGo team together, and being based on Mer and Qt would appear to provide them with a solid foundation on the software side.

b) Mozilla and Telefonica have demonstrated interesting devices and some functionality. It remains to be seen, whether other hardware vendors, and most importantly operators will jump on the same waggon. HTML5 certainly has appeal, even though the question of opening up native development will have a considerable influence on developers.

c) Intel and Samsung, plus other participants like Huawei seem to be extremely quiet. Samsung at least has released some reference hardware, and the Tizen 2.0 SDK is becoming usable. Still, more information from Samsung, as well the other parties would be very useful in convincing developers of the potential of the platform.