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Yesterday I had a chance to spend a day at a MS event called: TechNet/ Windows Phone UX Tour. I really need to admit that I was surprised how well prepared the message was: MS has indeed taken the advantage from its footprint in today's enterprise IT and is now attempting to use that as a bridge to build the victory story for WM7 too. and to be frank I wouldn't be too surprised to see that happening in real life!

Collecting everything: Sharepoint, OS, Silverlight, Cloud and now mobile under one umbrella really makes it a very very unique offering.

According to PRWeb ( the Global Mobile Security Market is to Reach $14.4 Billion by 2017, could this mean that the story of freely chosen devices to be used in company premises by its' employees will be forbidden? Would the story of 'open' platforms be soon over? If so, then MS for sure will have good odds in the game.


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Isn't it so that Silverlight development is stopped?

"could this mean that the story of freely chosen devices to be used in company premises by its' employees will be forbidden? "

What do you mean by that?

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At least I haven't seen anyone from MS to confirm the Silverlight future? But true, that it will more or less become useless once the HTML5 steps up.

#2, what I mean is that today basically most employees bring and use their own devices to workplaces and access company intra with those. One scenario is that the companies will start limiting this.

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#2: that depends on the company. Some companies (mainly financial) are very strict when it comes to corporate communication devices. In that case you can often see employees carrying two phones, one private one of their choice and one corporate one for company business. Other companies don't care and they even allow putting the corporate SIM card into the private phone. I guess, this is related to regulations (in financial providers you often have recording obligations) and corporate culture.

One thing you can't expect in a general case: that employees would be forbidden to bring their own devices into the workplace (beside the corporate devices). This restriction is possible only in some special, highly controlled workplaces but they are rare. Remember the fuzz about camera phones: most companies have formally forbidden the use of cameras at the workplace, still camera phones (private and corporate) at the workplace are ubiquitous. There was some effort to produce camera-less corporate devices but that died away, even at Blackberry, the most frequent corporate device.

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