My Lumia 800 experience so far

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I bought myself the Lumia 800 device about 8 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks it remained in its box un-opened. It is amazing how difficult it is to switch into a new device. As a relatively sceptic person I always fear that I'll go through the trouble for nothing. By trouble I mean: getting myself a micro SIM, transferring all my contacts MANUALLY into the new device and setting my numerous email accounts to the new device. And what IF something goes wrong as it tends to do too often? I actually had a back-up plan made: I bought the Sim card extentioner so that I can easily switch back to my old working bada- device without any delay.
Well, anyhow. All went pretty smoothly until I created my Outlook email account. The device kept of saying that please check the accredentials. I was triple sure I typed everything correctly and accoridng to instruction but it just refused to work. You can imagine the level of anger in me: Buying a Windows phone that does not talk with our Outlook exchange server, unbeliveble!
So, what I did: I kept on using the Lumia....fetching my emails manually through the browser... sad to say but that didn't differ much from how I had to do it in my bada device too, as for some odd reason the push email stopped working after 2 or 3 times of syncronization
Two weeks back I attended the Tizen Developer Conference in SFO, which turned out to be quite a success in many ways. One of such ways wasthe fact that there I found a person who could 'fix' my Lumia so that it started to talk with our company exchange server. It happened the following way: I had been complaining to a few people about this crazy incompatibility issue. Then one gentleman stepped out and asked me to show: I showed him the error, which seemed to in the domain-field. Accoridng to the instructions you should leave the field empty if you have a hosted environment. BUT actually what fixed this issue was to put a dot (=.) in it. One simple dot, that's all.
Since this was fixed, the expereince with Lumia has been extremely positive! The number one app for me is definitely the email. IT HAS TO WORK, or otherwise the entire device is useless. Now that all my email accounts sync nicely in the device, I'm extremely happy! So happy that I can totally ignore some strange usability flaws especially in the contacts. PErhaps once I've used it a bit longer I 'll find it very difficult to change to any other device but a new WM one :) So Nokia does have hope!