My Samsung Wave II, and why I love it

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I bring my phone everywhere with me, and when I look around, I see that most of my friends have iPhones, and because of that, they think my phone should be an iPhone too. But never in a million years would I change my WaveII for an iPhone. This is why…

One part of the phone that I really love is the camera. My favorite part of it is that I can take slow motion videos! I also love the panorama effect on the phone. Another great thing is that there is a camera on the other side of the phone. Perfect for taking photos with my friends! 

Another reason why I love the phone is because it comes with the t9 Trace input method. Instead of punching in each letter individually, I just swipe my fingers across the letters and my phone immediately figures out which word I want. This method is SO much quicker, and you don’t have to worry if you cant text fast!

Last but not least, I love the fact that I can record music from my radio! After you record the song, the quality is really good. Furthermore, on top of all the great things the phone has, the battery life is pretty good, considering how bright the screen usually is. Most of the time I need to charge my phone about once a week.


                  So, that’s why I love my phone, and no matter what my friends say, I’m not going to change my phone.


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At least it gives an option other than iPhones and android, More competition in the market is good for customers.
Windows phone is also heating up the race and with windows 8 they are absolutely going to rock

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