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Welcome the winning ecosystem!

Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800Past months have been a real roller coaster ride in the interesting land of Mobile Business. New players have been gaining more and more market share and the dynamics have changed in all fields. I think none of us could believe this will happen five years ago.

It is reality and it has forced the older players change their thinking and accept their position as a new challenger. And personally I think it is a very good thing. You have to re-think your business and re-invent yourself.

I have seen the huge changes inside Microsoft when the whole company has changed to execute the cloud strategy that contains multiple screens like PC, tablet, phone and TV. I see new emerging technologies like HTML5 and new tools that support them and give our partners to innovate and build new experience.

As a Finn, I have also seen the dramatic changes in Nokia. The partnership announcement between Nokia and Microsoft has literally changed the lives of many in Finland and has impact to thousands in the ecosystem.

But the changes are always an opportunity and a start of something new. Microsoft and Nokia has joined they forces and are already in a full speed building the Third Ecosystem. This will be totally new kind of ecosystem and the first glimpse of future can been seen in Windows Phone 7.5. But this is only the start.

Welcome to start to design and plan new mobile solutions and services that scale to multiple screens. The role of Metro UX is huge. You’ll find all the tools and a phone emulator for free in App Hub.

Make sure to increase your readiness so you’ll understand all fundamentals of Windows Phone 7.5. And then register to Marketplace as a developer and show to the world what you can do with a new kind of phone – Windows Phone!

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Vesku Paananen
Windows Phone Lead, Microsoft Finland
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Hi All,

Also from my end, welcome all to this new expert area within Sfonge. Our goal is to collect and bring together resources, experts and best development tips on this space.

Feel free to drop in and share your experiences with Windows Phone development so far!