Anyone having any experience on the Larkspur?

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I wonder if any of you have had any experienceon the Tizen 1.0 SDK (aka Larkspur)? How good it is compared to other mobile SDKs?

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Runs only on very limited number of platforms. :-( Has to be 32 bit, either Windows XP (!) or 3 versions of Ubuntu, closing with 11.10 (that's not the newest version, already 1 year old).
Not easy to install if you have a newer machine/operating system. Fortunately I had an older laptop where it could be installed with the usual amount of fiddling but if you have a newer PC/OS, you will be out of luck.

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Works actually also on 64 bit Linux, in a chroot-ed environment:

Version 2.0 (Magnolia) works a lot better though:

It has actually become usable and provides a decent (even though still very slow) developer experience.