cross platform development

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My main proficiency is as a Microsoft.Net developer, but I have worked with Objective C and Java to get applications on iOS and Android respectively. But has anyone successfully been able to use one technology to address all these platforms?

I know it is becoming possible to address all platforms using HTML, and with HTML5 that experience will only get better. I have looked at MonoTouch and running Mono on android and it looks promising. Anybody have experience with this?

What are the drawbacks of trying to target smartphones with the same technology across all platforms?

Also curious to hear experiences and opinions of technologies.

Thank You,

Khalid Abuhakmeh

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I think you are raising an truly interesting question as many smartphones developers are surely debating the same topic.

I would like to hear comments from the experts e.g. if anyone has utilized phonegap framework?


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I am a fresh board member and would like to share a few words of what our company is doing and how we're dealing with cross-platform development.

Star Arcade is a young company but our history goes way back to the first mobile "apps" like simple screen savers, ringtones etc.
Star Arcade provides a social network, where anyone can join the network and just start playing, regardless of their device, operator or country.

How we're seeing the mobile world is that there's not a thing called platform, actually. We prefer a thought that there's billions of devices all over the world and we want to have something for everyone.

"Star Engine", that we're using for development, makes it possible to use the same C++ code for multiple platforms. Platform dependent things are hidden inside the engine and we're having the same interface for each. Current implementation has a support for iOS, Android and Symbian (3rd edition, 5th edition and Symbian ^3).

Furthermore, we've created a tool that contructs a template project, installers and application icons for each platform using one command only. Tool has few parameters that we can use for defining which features are needed for the new project. The tool is diversified all the time, to offer more and more features, decreasing amount of the project specific work.

Very soon, it is possible to create a "Star Arcade"-game project that has all of our community features embedded, only game logic missing. By community features I mean things like login, registration, friend lists, score boards etc.

Our goal is that everything will be available as API for other developers, later this year. Including a Widget-framework for creating a cross-platform UI.

Our worldwide launch is at hand and next week we're starting heavy campaings to build up the community with 3 games first, 30 at the end of this year. Primary market areas are the widely populated areas around the world, like India, South America, Far East and Africa.
Keep an eye on us and download one (or all) of our games for your device, as well! ;)

Feel free to ask me every question that this story might have awaken! I'll be more than happy to explain everything more detailed.

Teemu Vähä-Ruka