Power of the crowd and communities

Jani Naukkarinen's picture

I popped into an interesting article on Wall Street Journal about crowd sourcing and actual utilization of the power of the community. Thanks David for pointing the article! ;)

The most interesting point from my perspective was actually the growth in terms of business potential and revenues generated. It was stated on the article that "pure" crowd sourcing companies in US crated 50 million US dollars of revenue in 2010 with an growth rate of 74% in a year.

In this particular article AOL was faced with few options on how they could manage a project related to their vast video content on the Web. They took the route of having the people, community of interested people to help them on sorting this out. Interestingly it took only one week from them to kick start the project and be in full speed.

This truly demonstrates the power and scale of like-minded and like-interested individuals. And that is exactly what we here at Sfonge want to encourage and nourish.

So, if you have ideas, development projects, tricky issues to tackle or project where you need the resources, Sfonge community is the place to start!