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I've just run across the new Sailfish initiative, it seems to me an interesting opportunity. If they are able to establish a footprint in China that could be enough to start a world-wide campaign against the big two ... How do you see the market chances of this MeeGo reincarnation ?

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It would seem that they have a good chance.
To start with, they have technically excellent people, which are very motivated, and highly experienced. The software is based for the most part on open-source components, and for other parts they would appear to have the necessary licensing agreements.
Apparently they also have an excellent PR-engine, even though a lot of that positive charma is simply due to the fact the people very much liked Harmattan, the N9 / N950, and what Nokia had done with it, as well as the fact that with Nokia, going down the drain, people need something to believe in.

So, so far things appear very positive. There is certainly a credible story, and everything seem to be in place. The fact that the Jolla guys managed to convince also financial parties to back them up makes it even more credible. However, this is merely appearance, and it remains to be seen, whether they are able to deliver (in time).
I do believe that Sailfish will be a success, even though at present the expectations are simply too high, and there will probably be some initial cooling down / realization period.