The training preparation

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I am preparing training materials for HTML5 training on 20th of March. Thought that instead of going too generic on it, you may have good questions I may be able to answer on the training session or later.
Could youplease give me some ideas about your interests and preferences?
Also, could you narrow down for me what is the preferred way to introduce the HTML5?
1. Mobile platfrom or
2. General web application?
If mobile platform is preferred, please specify which plarform should be in focus?
a. Android
b. iOS
c. WP
If general Web app is in focus, which browser is default for you? IE9, Chrome, Safari?
Hope I can get more info from you on areas your interests are focused.

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I prefer that our training material is about Mobile platform using Android.
specially about connecting my app to Mysql DB, accessing mobile resources like messages and running mobile application as a service.

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In order to run as a service on Android, your app/service should register as one (intent). There is no currently, in my knowledge, an API opened to Web Applications (HTML5) to access this functionalities directly.
Way to go is:
Do all UI using HTML5. Do communications, using JSON for parsing the information, POST the information to your server using XMLHtmlRequest. This will require the app to run, as JS is running under Browser component. I do not think you would like this to happen, or?
2. Do the registration forms and UI in HTML5. Implement your service natively and declare it to run on intent. Do the communications to your DB on the server using Android native APIs.
Proposed application is mostly a simple form based ui with a submit button, for registration. Once registration is done, you may have a settings section in HTML. However, the rest is done on Android side and this app needs to be packaged as native application, as it must be able to register the service.
Please, check

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Hi Ivan,

I ll be meeting with the students next Sunday. I ll attempt to get some feedback on the two questions above? Do you have any other questions that you would like me to get their feedback on?

Please advice,

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Hi Rami,
Thank you for asking. I am ok if I get to understand better students needs, so I can follow the string of interest.
Please, ask everyone to share ideas and ask questions. I am ready to work together with your team and help/participate the project development, as my time allows me.
Br, Ivan

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I'm one of the students and I'd like to learn for mobile platform, and for the specific platform that we should focus on is something like "phone gap" which would be cross platform, this is for me.
thanks and nice to communicate with you.
Mahdi Alkhatib

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Hi there, 
I have just uploaded the training materials for Tuesday to the Group pages, under the training heading. 
Please check those out and familiarize yourselves those. Please read the pptx ‘a’ prerequisites for installation instructions.
The examples are in separate embedded zip file, that needs to be unzipped in the server root directory.

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Dear Ivan,

Thanks a lot for your efforts. To help get the students prepared for the training on Tuesday, is there any particular software that must be installed on their laptops to help them exercise while you go through the examples with them?

Thanks again

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As explained in html5training_a_prerequisites.pptx, IIS Express server is good to have, as some examples need to be run from server in order to work.
As for experimenting, a normal text editor is enough, combined with browser developer tools console. If guys prefer to have code formatting WebMatrix installation might do good, as it also comes with IISExpress included and runs all code with ease.
Br, Ivan

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can I work on My xampp server or not. because IIS woundn't install

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sure, any server, just to the settings as explained and set iisstart.html as initial page.

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can u help us to find mobile service to convert speech to text??? or if we can use google search to do this????

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hi aseel, google tts/stt is not for mass use for free, also has a limit for size of converted content.
you can use html5 speak tag and activate the functionality, it works readily for you on webkit based browsers, hope this is good starting point.
Check the w3c specs for more and webkit as well.
<input type="text" x-webkit-speech />