The winner of Mobile OS of year 2016?

Pekka Oilinki's picture

The change is here. We are all used to hear how apps work with iPad and iPhone. That used to be the standard of the smart phones for an while.

Then there is Android, which was never a small player.. but more silent compared to the iOS devices.

This is not the case anymore. Android is already bigger than iOS and it's spreading to other places than mobile phones as well.

Now we are in one of the turning points. iOS is no longer the king of the pack anymore, it's the time for Android Phones. iOS will be there for an few more years, but it will eventually die out as people will get tired of the walled gardens and giving money to Apple for each simple purchase.

Simply said: Apple is not the good guy anymore.

After an while Android will become the same. This will take few more years and the people who really make the internet happen, will say no to Android. It's still pretty closed system.

Will the Jolla OS be an serious competitor in year 2016?