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3D transition animation between Activities Gabor Paller
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60+ applications for iOS device sold Jani Naukkarinen
7th edition of Mobile Developer's Guide Robert Virkus
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Absolute acceleration value Gabor Paller
Absolutely interesting times ahead on the smartphone industry Saila Laitinen
Accessing the platform's list view widget from a bada web application Gabor Paller
Alexsoft Oy Igor Zinin
Algorithms for processing accelerator sensor data Gabor Paller
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Always on top task Gabor Paller
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Android in China David Chun
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Android UI patterns Giorgio Venturi
Anyone having any experience on the Larkspur? Saila Laitinen
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Background services in Tizen 2.1 Gabor Paller
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Battery life of Android devices Gabor Paller
Best IDE Mahdi Alkhatib
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Better motion control using accelerometer/gyroscope sensor fusion Gabor Paller
Beyond RenderScript - parallelism with NEON Gabor Paller
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Bluetooth Low Energy gas sensor Gabor Paller
Bold 9900 Jani Naukkarinen
Browser replacing Saila Laitinen
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C5-05 Jani Naukkarinen
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Camera with Android Pekka Oilinki
Can operators successfully launch an app store? Saila Laitinen
Capabilities of the iOS? Saila Laitinen
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China needs Android or Android needs China? David Chun
Compensating accelerometer data with the gyroscope Gabor Paller
Compensating accelerometer with the compass - the limitations Gabor Paller
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Cracking hashes with Google search-lab
Cross platform development Terho Niemi
cross platform development Khalid Abuhakmeh
Cross-document messaging Gabor Paller
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Develop for Windows Phone - App Hub Jani Naukkarinen
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Discussion board created for HTML 5 challenge Jani Naukkarinen
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Do you believe in NFC technology take off? Saila Laitinen
Does html5 support all previous html versions? Admin User
Droidcon Tunis 2013 presentation: "Advantages and limitations of PhoneGap for sensor processing" - test programs Gabor Paller
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Enough Software Robert Virkus
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Example application for accelerometer/compass processing on Android Gabor Paller
Example application for accelerometer/gyroscope processing on Android Gabor Paller
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Expandable list in Tizen Gabor Paller
Extracting motion patterns from mobile phone sensors Gabor Paller
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