Samsung and Sfonge launch a challenge for mobile application developers across MENA

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Samsung and Sfonge have launched a challenge for mobile application developers residing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), based on the bada platform. The challenge is expected to foster growth opportunities for developers in the region, and create market-specific applications for consumers and enterprises alike.

Announcing the launch, Yasin Hamed, co-founder of Sfonge said the company was delighted to partner with Samsung in this unique and innovative challenge.  “The tremendous growth of Samsung’s bada devices presents an excellent opportunity for developers to get involved in, and to contribute meaningfully to the thriving bada ecosystem. By inviting them to compete, we are encouraging them to think innovatively.”

Outlining details of the challange, Mr. Sunghak Jang, V.P at Samsung said the contest will not only encourage and engage regional talent, but also address specific needs, and result in new trends. “We are very aware that there are many competent application developers in this part of the world, and this is a platform for us to discover and honour them. We are confident of receiving a significant number of entries in each of the challenge’s two categories and we are certain that the winning entries will be fresh and unique. It is also our expectation that a large number of entries will be in direct response to some of the region’s specific needs, which will benefit consumers just as well as the participating developers.”

In anticipating of overwhelming response, the challenge will be marked by two phases. The most promising 25 entries in the bada challenge’s Consumer and Business application categories will be rewarded in the first round, and grand prizes will be awarded to the best among these, after a second evaluation.

Mr. Jang emphasised that entry to the challenge is simple and easy, and open to all application developers in the MENA region.

“For the first round, every entry must contain a functional and installation-ready application that can be installed in bada powered Samsung devices.” He cited examples of entries in the Consumer category including music, multimedia, games, travelling, social networks or well-being. On the other hand, applications in the Business category must be targeted at companies and their employees – in improving productivity, reducing manual work, decreasing or eliminating  errors, accessing corporate networks by utilising mobile devices.

All participants in the challenge will be provided free online training by Sfonge, while Samsung and Sfonge will jointly run testing and certification of all applications.  

Besides grand prizes, the final winners of the challenge will be invited to distribute their applications at Samsung application stores across the region, through an attractive revenue sharing model and supported by joint marketing. 

The bada challenge will be actively promoted in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Syria and the UAE, through Samsung’s network, and a publicity plan developed by Sfonge involving personal contacts, university visits and email and web based marketing.

Samsung bada is a mobile operating system developed by Samsung Electronics for use on mobile devices and covers the entire range from ordinary mobile phones to high-end smartphones. bada, which means ocean’s shore in Korean, embodies open possibilities as it accommodates a wide range of applications created by developers while providing unprecedented enjoyment to users.