Sfonge collaboration helped Foreca to find mobile developers

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ForecaWeather for Android devices has been launched and is now available through Android Market. Sfonge and Foreca collaborated on creating the weather application. Sfonge helped Foreca to scout and engage an Android developer for Foreca’s weather application.



Marko Moilanen, Vice President of Business Development at Foreca stated on the Sfonge collaboration: “We like to work on our mobile development projects with skilled talents. For us the benefits are clear – costs are under control as well as quality of the work is good.”

Sfonge collaboration with Foreca resulted Sfonge on finding and matchmaking the developer to Foreca for the entire project scope. Developer for the ForecaWeather application development project was found from the pool of developers at Sfonge community.

Marko Moilanen commented: “For our purposes finding a skillful developer, who understands our needs and requirements are hard to find, but our collaboration with Sfonge enabled us to find exactly what we were looking for. In mobile development cases like this, it is of crucial importance to have reference of the skill set of the developer, rather than going by trial-and-error.”

Jani Naukkarinen, Community Director, Sfonge commented: “We are pleased to work with Foreca on their mobile development project. Finding talented developers from our community proves that there are clear benefits for both parties by utilizing Sfonge’s competence in match-making.”

About Foreca

At Foreca, we know the weather. With our weather services we help our clients to focus better their business operations, to avoid risks and to create more revenue. 

Foreca is not only about the weather. We love to apply new technologies to present weather information to public or to our customers. Foreca is known as a front-runner in mobile and internet weather services. And we are always eager to develop new business around weather. 

Foreca's clients come from more than 40 countries from mobile and Internet to energy and shipping industries. 


About Sfonge

Sfonge Ltd is a global community for smartphone professionals. Our business focuses on the enablement of software development – for mobile smart devices, applications and services – through our global community and reach. Sfonge offers consultancy, training and knowledge sharing for individuals and companies to have more cost-efficient ways on collaborating and finding the best talent.