Sfonge April & May newsletter

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Dear All Sfonge community members, 

 First of all, my sincere apologizes for the late arrival of this newsletter! The past 2 months have just kept us very busy at work. I hope you have had a productive time at work too, as lots of things have been and still are happening what comes to smartphone markets.  

 It looks very much so that the HTML5 will become (in case it isn’t already) one of the de facto standards in mobile services. The interest in it has really jumped within the developers around the globe. We’ve try to make sure we won’t miss that and had the pleasure of running an html5 development challenge for the University of Jordan. Please check http://www.sfonge.com/groups/uoj for further information and material on html5. For this we’ve also opened up a new discussion topic; html5 (http://www.sfonge.com/forum/forums/technology-areas/html5 ).

 Check those out and contribute, so that all in Sfonge community have an opportunity to benefit from experts. I would encourage all of you to share your development tips as well as practical comments for Windows Phone development at our discussion board @ http://www.sfonge.com/forum/forums/smartphone-platforms/windows-phone There has been a lot of buzz around new Windows devices, but we would like to hear it from you how you have experienced the development!  

 As you all have probably heard, the race in the mobile industry has a new leader: Analysts name Samsung as the new king of handset manufacturers. According to the IDC press release (http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS23455612) Samsung now has 29.1% share of the global smartphone markets. Apple following with 24.2% and Nokia with 8.2%. The competition is getting tougher for sure.

 We have published a new mobilewiki; a place where you can contribute and fetch information on different smartphones. Welcome to contribute on: http://www.sfonge.com/mobilewiki.

 We’ve opened new twitter accounts with 5 new languages: Portugese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and France. Pick your own language from sfonge_ar (Arabic), sfonge_pt (Portugese), sfonge_ru (Russian),  sfonge_ko (Korean) and sfonge_fr (French).

 As a closing remark, I would like to encourage all you to be active and contribute to the Sfonge community irrespectively what your own expertise area is. We are keen to hear your comments, development tips and best practices, so share those on our discussion boards @ http://www.sfonge.com/forum

 Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!