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As we are approaching the month of December, wanted to send out our newsletter prior you all are engaged with Christmas and holiday season activities.

You might have noticed a lot of bada platform related posts on our main page as well as on discussion boards. These are reflecting our activities with a Samsung developer challenge we run for in Middle East and North Africa region. We managed to harness quite interesting applications from bada developers in that region. Stay tuned, we are working hard so that consumers with bada devices can get their hands around those innovative applications as well through the Samsung Apps.

We are happy to see new members joining our community – a warm welcome from my end to all new members! Please be active, challenge us and others on discussion boards - http://www.sfonge.com/forum

There are two dedicated expert groups on our site – Windows Phone and Foreca. So, if you are interested on getting on-board with Windows development or want to share your comments and best development tricks, then that is the place to check out and share! Interested on weather and developing an application including weather information? Then check out the Foreca developer API offering!

I'm sure you all are as thrilled about the smart devices and related industry and development as I am, but wanted to give you a bit different angle based on one article I popped into. Based on that article, I found this interesting realization -  based on Q2/2011 estimates - units shipped globally - 69% of the devices are non-smart phones. That gives 31% of the volumes shipped to smart phones! Within that 31%, biggest players were Android with almost 18%, iOS 44%, Symbian 4.3%, and BlackBerry 2.8%.

Another interesting question is that can Apple continue their huge success with their product offering. According to Horace Dediu, Apple will be shipping 215 million iOS devices next year based on the top-down demand analysis, giving Apple a market share of 20%. Let's see next year, how far Apple can go.

We all have seen banking applications of different sorts targeted for Android and iOS devices mainly. Now up here in Finland one of the banks has brought to the market an banking application optimized and tailored for iPad.

If you are interested to learn more and of course comment on Android fragmentation, check out this post: http://www.sfonge.com/forum/topic/fragmentation-android-ecosystem

And as always, please send me your comments and improvement ideas! We will be listening and modifying Sfonge offering to make it even more appealing to all of you.

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