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Bluetooth Low Energy gas sensor Gabor Paller
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Beyond RenderScript - parallelism with NEON Gabor Paller
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RenderScript in Android - anatomy of the benchmark program Gabor Paller
RenderScript in Android - Java optimization in the benchmark program Gabor Paller
RenderScript in Android - the benchmark program Gabor Paller
RenderScript in Android - why should you care? Gabor Paller
Always on top task Gabor Paller
Telephony app that maintains focus on incoming calls (i.e. native phone app is hidden in background) jim bachalo
Numerical Analysis in PHP on a Web Server matteo diana
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MEFORMA Security Evaluation Methodology search-lab
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Software security – facts and misconceptions search-lab
SEARCH-LAB Security Evaluation Analysis and Research Laboratory LTD search-lab
Sensor fusion between car and smartphone Gabor Paller
Uneven sampling and false zero-motion values of the accelerometer readings (better read to understand) matteo diana
TRUST. Attorneys at Law Ltd JLindberg
Tizen Data Controls vs. Android content providers Gabor Paller
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Background services in Tizen 2.1 Gabor Paller
Relationship of bada 2.0 and Tizen 2.1 Gabor Paller
Business to Business PRO upgrade Admin User
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Droidcon Tunis 2013 presentation: "Advantages and limitations of PhoneGap for sensor processing" - test programs Gabor Paller
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Performance of context-aware algorithms implemented in web technologies Gabor Paller
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Mobile market is hungry for disruption! Saila Laitinen
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Lumia 920 Saila Laitinen
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Cross-document messaging Gabor Paller
Server-sent events Gabor Paller
Offline web applications Gabor Paller
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Help me to solve expandable list view problem.. Jay Park
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image Rupal Thanki
image Rupal Thanki
image Rupal Thanki
imge Rupal Thanki
i want like this Rupal Thanki
I try Rupal Thanki
How to Support GESTURE, left/right slip, many transition effect in Android application Rupal Thanki
How to Support GESTURE, left/right slip, many transition effect in Android application Rupal Thanki