Do you believe in NFC technology take off?

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66% (21 votes)
13% (4 votes)
22% (7 votes)
Total votes: 32


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I order to enable ad-hoc network vision (where the devices autonomously discover each other and exchange data based on the user's predefined criterias), there needs to be a bearer with very quick and energy-efficient discovery and transfer. Energy-hungry and slow Bluetooth or WiFi scans are simply not working and their time of session establishment is not acceptable either for these use cases.
NFC may be a solution. Or ZigBee (no experience so far). Or anything else that satisfies the requirements.

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But doesn't NFC utilize Bluetooth?

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Well, my understanding is that NFC is significantly different to Bluetooth. Beside using different frequency and encoding, NFC reader is expected to power the tag (also called "illumination" because the NFC reader sends energy to the tag in the form of  radio signal).